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Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)

PTE Academic is the fastest growing computer- based test of English as a proof of English Proficiency around the world. It is not only required for studying in Australia but also for immigration. It is very fast, flexible and convenient for those  are computer adaptable. The test takers can schedule the test as little as twenty- four hours in advance, and  usually get the result in five business days.

Comparison with other tests

Like other English proficiency test, this test has four modules: Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening. The scoring ranges from 0 to 90 points;  that has enabling skills such as Grammar, spellings, pronunciation, oral fluency  and vocabulary. The test is integrated skill based that test candidate’s ability to understand, write and speak English. Task are partially marked that improves the possibilities to get high score. Also, the test dates are frequently available to ensure the convenience of the test takers.

Test Format

Section Task type Time allotted
Section 1 Personal Introduction 1 minute
Section 2 Read aloud
Repeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short questions
30-35 minutes
Section 3-4 Summarize written text 20 minutes
Section 5 Summarize written test or Essay 10 or 20 minutes
Section 6 Writing essay 20 minutes

Part 2 reading

Section Task type Time allotted
  Multiple choice single answer
Multiple choice single answer
Re-order paragraphs
Reading- fill in the blanks
Writing- fill in the blanks
32-41 minutes

Part 3 Listening

Section Task type Time allotted
Section 1 Summarize spoken text 20 or 30
Section 2 Multiple choose multiple answers
Fill in the blanks
Highlight correct summary
Multiple-choice, choose single answer
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect word
Write from dictation
23-28 minutes

The test takers can easily book the test online through the website of Pearson.  The test centers have various time slot to take the test so that the candidates can take the test according to their choice and convenience. The test report can be directly forward to universities if candidates want.